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Brother Vincent "Yogi" Fernandez

I was asked to pay tribute to my Brother Vincent "Yogi" Fernandez and as you read it, I hope that you will come to appreciate the Wonderful Man, Serviceman, Mason, and Widows Son.

Brother Vincent "Yogi" Fernandez, originally petitioned Evergreen State Lodge #68 in University Pace WA. He was Elected: 10/3/2012 to receive the degrees in Masonry. Initiated: 10/17/2012 as Entered Apprentice Mason. Passed: 1/9/2013 to the Degree of Fellow Craft Mason, and Raised 3/27/2013 to the Sublime degree of a Master Mason.

Sadly, he was called to that house, not made with hands, by the Supreme Architect of the Universe on 8/11/2014.

Here is a little about our Brother, Vincent "Yogi" Fernandez. Brother Vincent, was born in Hewlett New York, on May 21st. He proudly served our country in the USAF from 1978 - 1994 achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant at the time of his retirement. After his retirements he again decided to serve, this time for the King County Corrections Department, WA, from 1995 until his passing in August of 2014. He was a good son, husband, and father to our adopted daughter Elizabeth.

Yogi was a motorcycle rider, even longer than I had known him, and he loved his yearly ride to Sturgis SD. When Yogi was riding, he had command of his scoot and the rode. He loved to ride. Upon his raising to the Sublime degree of Master Mason, Brother Vincent took another step in Masonry, by becoming a Widow Son, by joining the Gig Harbor chapter, Ritual Riders, in the jurisdiction of WA. It was a great honor to Welcome Bro Vincent to the chapter. He was proud to be a Widow Son and of course, ultimately prouder, to be a Mason.

Brother Vincent, you are missed more than you could ever know. Over this past Memorial Day weekend the Widow Sons of WA were present at the "Unforgotten Run" to Tahoma. We took the moment to visit you, my brother. We honored you as our Brother Master Mason and a Brother Widow Son and also as a Brother Serviceman.

On August 29th, 2015, at the Jerry K Lingle Memorial Ride, Brother and Member, Tig "Midas" Dupre, was honored with the first ever, Widows Sons of Washington, Vincent "Yogi" Fernandez Achievement Award For Excellence. An honorable and fitting way to honor both the present membership while remembering our valued Friend, Member, and Brother..

Ride well, as we commend your spirit to the Supreme Architect of the Universe!


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